E.D Bellis trained and certified consultants provide analysis and source verified information about the ACA, compliance, health policy, human resources, medicine, politics, technology and more. Our network’s expertise in health reform, government, politics, and education will give you the knowledge you need as a leader within your community or organization to make the right decisions coming in a volatile decade.

Our Process


We cannot advise you until we study your situation.  Every engagement begins with a comprehensive assessment process to help us understand you and your organization.  We analyze data, interview key stakeholders, mitigate potential risks and make recommendations.


After we discover the challenges facing an organization we put together a plan to manage change and the implementation of our recommendations while also measuring progress.


Our experience and resources provide experienced leadership to help transform your organization over time and position it for long-term success in the post health reform economy.

Focus Areas:

Affordable Care Act
Employee Benefits
Healthcare Financing
Human Resources
Government Relations
Intellectual Disabilities
Senior Care


Home Health
Government and Municipal
Service and Hospitality
Information Technology

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