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Our mission is to help businesses, healthcare executives and public policymakers anticipate, prepare, and react to the impact of emerging government rules and regulations affecting health care in America.  

Our unique expertise in American government, exclusive inside the Beltway information, and creative strategic advice helps business, healthcare providers and state governments finding themselves unprepared for added compliance costs, new reporting requirements, unfunded mandates and much more created under new federal healthcare laws.  

A common misconception by many is that the health reform law (ACA) is fully implemented.  This is not true, and the implementation period will stretch over ten years, and produce thousands of new rules and regulations.   In addition, new laws like MACRA are challenging healthcare providers with cumbersome reporting requirements and confusion over the future of reimbursements.

We also offer customized education for your organization including, but not limited to seminars, team training, and a line of educational materials to help prepare the business and medical communities to meet the new expectations of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The E.D. Bellis team, consisting of a dynamic and handpicked consultant, provides their own expertise in areas spanning numerous federal and state laws.  To learn more about how we can help your organization reduce healthcare costs or prepare for the change ahead you can contact us below.