How Medicaid Would Be Affected by TrumpCare

Arguably one of the biggest pieces of the health reform puzzle is what to do with the Medicaid program as the American Healthcare Act (AHCA) moves forward in the U.S. Senate.  This program is responsible for helping millions get access to healthcare.  

America’s Healthcare Challenge, a radio program produced by E.D. Bellis addressed this topic in one of our recent episodes.

By listening to this highly informative program you will gain the answers to the following:

  • How large is the Medicaid program?
  • Fact or fiction: “Medicaid is Broken”
  • What are some states doing with their Medicaid program?

You will also find out why was there such a push to Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and develop an understanding of why Medicaid expansion was the right venue to provide coverage for this population segment.

Want to find out the public’s reaction to the AHCA House bill who are the real  “winners and losers” in the health care reform battle as well as why the importance of the CBO “scoring” of the AHCA Bill?

This episode addresses all of these and much more.

Where to find more:

Do you like what you see but want to learn more? You can find the whole playlist here, and this episode of America’s Healthcare Challenge will give you more information on the subject.

About E.D. Bellis

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Author: Sean McGuire
Sean McGuire is the host of America’s Healthcare Challenge on News Radio 1290 KOIL and the founder of E.D. Bellis. As a former health policy staff member for the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, he acquired unique experiences and an institutional knowledge of Congress, including an understanding of the politics behind the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, and unlike those who passed the law he has read the bill multiple times. After leaving Capitol Hill, McGuire served from 2009-2011, as the health reform consultant for the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Medicine. He has spoken to groups of all sizes about the impact of health reform, has been interviewed by numerous media outlets, and has offered expert testimony at the Nebraska Unicameral. Sean McGuire is the President of the Omaha Press Club and a graduate of Marquette University.

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