Helping employers navigate today’s complex healthcare and HR laws.

E.D. Bellis is an outsourced compliance and consulting resource for large employers and our strategic employee benefit partners. We provide an automated consulting and regulatory management system for the Affordable Care Act, Department of Labor Audit and other federal laws along with a team of professionals serving as a point of contact with specialties in management, human resources, employee benefits, IT, government and public policy.

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Our Expertise and Solutions

Healthcare and HR Consulting

Human Resources and Compliance Automation

The administrative burdens created under the ACA will leave thousands of businesses out of compliance and facing heavy fines beginning in 2016. E.D. Bellis has solved this problem for those ready to begin the path to compliance by utilizing our innovative technology to manage on-boarding, employee measurement, reporting and other important human resource challenges.

Benefits Solutions

Employee benefits have gone through a transformation post ACA, and new solutions must be considered that may be outside of traditional insurance settings. We work with our broker partners to automate the benefit enrollment process and provide access to timely products, services and strategies available exclusively through E.D. Bellis that make financial sense and solve problems for businesses.

ACA Compliance

We have a suite of compliance solutions to help employers navigate the new world of health care and benefits and navigate the complex provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In today’s rapidly changing environment, our tools are configurable and available on-demand, with numerous scheduling and alert options, to meet your specific business needs and you can leverage our team of experts and fully automated tools for ongoing support of the ACA and federal compliance.

HR Solutions

Through a combination of service, technology, compliance and policies we are able to streamline your HR, benefits and payroll processes making them as efficient and painless as possible. Then we are able to monitor and safeguard your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide the latest updates on federal changes or issues within your workforce demanding your attention.

Payroll Solutions

Payroll services are available through our strategic providers who offer seamless integration with our system and no additional set- up or administrative fees while delivering the same high standards of quality.

Whether you’re looking for a fully outsourced service, a set of tools to complement an existing ERP system or something in between, our user-friendly, highly configurable technology enables us to offer the most efficient, intelligent and cost-effective software and outsourcing solutions available on the market today.

Integrating with a payroll vendor will give you real time information to manage compliance and other important decisions with your business. We offer a wide array of software products and services to meet all of your benefits, HR and payroll needs.

Target Clients

Healthcare Professionals

Strategic Broker Partners

By joining the E.D. Bellis network of brokers and consultants you will have access to the latest news, products, services and solutions to help differentiate yourself in your local market, stay relevant and solve problems for your customers.

E.D. Bellis is an educated and professional network of healthcare, human service, insurance, financial and management consultants across the country sharing best practices to help organizations maintain compliance with federal and state laws, reduce healthcare costs and increase revenue.

Business Owners

For Employers

Many companies are currently unprepared for required reporting and the looming compliance as well as potential penalties or taxes beginning in 2015. E.D. Bellis is positioned in the marketplace as a credible and affordable advisor to businesses and healthcare providers interested in being proactive by minimizing costs and uncertainty through our analysis and comprehensive consulting services.

The Affordable Care Act is the most complex law passed in a generation and will directly impact your business E.D. Bellis helps to minimize costs for businesses.

Businesses seeing the most direct impact will be small and mid-sized businesses with 35-1000 employees. The ACA includes penalties of up to $1,000 per day, as well as requirements to provide affordable health insurance that meets new essential benefits. A full-time worker is considered one who works 30 Hours per week for over 90 days.

E.D. Bellis provides ongoing value through education of company leadership and their workforce about critical issues like insurance exchanges, reporting requirements, and other unknowns some which are detrimental to a business who is reactionary in dealing with the Affordable Care Act because it will be enforced by thousands of new IRS agents.

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